Do You Need to Pay for a Photo Editor?

We have already established that photo editors are very helpful in creating captivating fine art photos. But when it comes to choosing a photo editor, there is a question that comes up seldom. Do you have to choose a paid photo editor or can you get by with a free one?  

Free Photo Editors 

Who doesn’t love free stuff? In the realm of photo editing, there are also many options for free photo editing programs that you can use. These allow you to do most of the basic editing tasks like adjusting exposure, contrast, color, white balance, and more. You can also reframe your photos by cropping them and improve the composition. Many such photo editors are available online-only but some can be downloaded as well. Both Mac and Windows computers also come with built-in programs that are improving with each update.  

So when a free photo editor lets to do all of that, why pay for one?  

Paid Photo Editors 

Well, a paid photo editor usually has way more advanced features that will help you creatively edit your photos. You can do everything that free editors do while also being able to do much more like working in layers, making selective adjustments, remove unwanted objects, and add creative effects by playing around with hues of different colors. If you want to edit RAW files, which is the format you should be shooting in for more control over your photos, then you may have to pay for a photo editor as most professional-grade ones do cost money.  


So, if you want to create stellar fine art photos, you may need to pay a little, or a lot depending on what you choose, for an advanced RAW photo editor. On the flip side, if you just want to make your photos look better for sharing on social media then you can choose one from the many free photo editing software for beginners and that would probably be all you need.