A Quick Way to Improve Images

Photo editing can be a long and arduous process, taking several hours at a time when you’re really invested in creating a set of fine art photos. You have to carefully analyze your images and then decide which aspects of them can be improved in what way. But sometimes, you may just want to do something quicker, something that generally improves especially those photos that don’t have the best exposure or need a lot of color correction.  

That process is simply converting such a photo to black and white.  

Black and White is Timeless 

A black and white photo looks fitting in every time, in every situation, and in every weather condition simply because you don’t have to worry about getting the colors right or getting the exposure perfect. The lack of color makes the photo timeless and makes it look better if it was originally not so impressive.  

Black and White is Easy 

Turning a photo black and white is as easy as pressing a button. You can use any of the best photo editing software for beginners to create impressive black and white photos, without having to work with a complicated program. However, that does not mean that you can’t do anything more with such photos. You will have access to multiple characteristics of the final image, including its brightness and contrast, to make it look just as you want it. Most editors also come packed with multiple presets for creating black and white photos so you’re not just stuck with the default algorithms.  

Black and White Hides Mistakes 

And lastly, you will gain a lot from using this quick process if your photo is not very good. Whether there is noise in your photo, or blown out highlights and crushed shadows, you can make most kinds of ‘bad’ images look good when you turn them black and white. Color photos don’t always work well with harsh contrast if you haven’t exposed your image well in-camera, but a black and white image can pull off even very high contrast levels. You can also use artificial film grain to hide the noise in your photo, making it look like a more vintage and rawer image. If you don’t have the sharpest portrait, you can make it softer in an editor and then make it black and white for a dreamier kind of look.  

So, as you can see, most types of images can be made better by ridding them of color. You won’t have to spend hours working on a single image, trying to make it look better than it is. Instead, just remove the color and you’ll see how big of a difference it actually makes. It may not make a bad photo so good that it can be printed and exhibited, but it sure will allow you to share it with the world rather than deleting it.